If your company is involved in consumer-directed health-related mobile apps or Health IT solutions, you may want to join our April 19 webinar on advertising, data privacy, and data security issues raised by such products.

Consumers are increasingly relying on mobile apps and Health IT for a variety of purposes, such as managing their fitness goals, monitoring chronic conditions, monitoring adherence to prescriptions, tracking symptoms, and identifying new health problems ranging from ear infections to autism. As technologies become increasingly sophisticated, the legal framework surrounding them is rapidly developing. At the federal level, the Federal Trade Commission has issued guidelines on compliant advertising and privacy and data security practices for mobile apps; the Food and Drug Administration has issued guidelines on the security of medical devices; the Office of Civil Rights at the Department of Health and Human Services has issued guidance on the application of the HIPAA privacy and security regulations to mobile health apps; and the FTC, FDA and HHS have jointly created a web-based tool to help familiarize mobile app developers with the federal laws and regulations governing their apps. Although few states have yet adopted legislation to protect personal medical data collected and transmitted through new technologies, state regulators have expressed concern regarding the collection, transfer, storage, and dissemination of patient-specific data through such platforms.

As the regulatory environment evolves and becomes more complex, developers as well as providers of back-end services, such as cloud-based storage providers, are finding it critical to stay abreast of legal developments and to contribute to the regulatory process driving those developments. This webinar will explore the emerging law governing advertising and data privacy and security as it relates to consumer-directed mobile apps and Health IT, as a means to help stakeholders stay ahead of the curve. To register, click here.